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This is a repo for games/projects I made in unity, but this links to other games too. These are all playable in the browser.

Source code for the unity projects

JoJo Snake

This is Snake, but in the theme of a show called “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”. It has a lot of little features and easter eggs. You play as Polnareff, one of the characters from the show, and the snake is his hair. Instead of fruit, You try to reach the toilet. You also have villains from the show chasing you, trying to hit you, which removes some of your hair. They can also steal the toilet and run away with it. If you get the toilet a few times in a row without getting hit, you summon silver chariot, who kills some enemies for you. And when the main villain, Dio, appears, he can use a special power.

I made this with my friend Ryan Mitchell and it was a lot of fun.

This is not a unity project. Its source code is here.


UpDown is a 2D puzzle platformer video game based on switching the direction of gravity. I made it with two other students in a game design course as our final project. The code is private since it was for a school project.


Guess-free minesweeper with an animated solver. Source code here


Sudoku. Source code here


Type words using the letters shown and press enter to submit each word. You can only use one of each letter and you can only earn points for a word once. It also has to be a real word. You have one minute to enter as many words as possible, and score depends on the length of the word.


The classic arcade game asteroids. Use A and D to rotate, W to move forward, and left click to shoot

Poppy Seeds

Random colors moving around using perlin noise

Procedural Runner

Press space to fly up and release to fall down. Try not to hit the floor or ceiling. Sometimes it can take a few tries to get going because you might spawn in the ceiling or floor

Smart Rockets

This is a Unity 3D version of a p5.js program I made

The population of cones learns to seek the target using a genetic algorithm

Perlin Cube Terrain

This is a Unity 3D version of a processing sketch I made

I created a 3D perlin noise scalar field and put green cubes where the value was above a threshold. I then translated the scalar field vertically over time to have the terrain move

Genetic Steering

This is a Unity 3D version of a p5.js sketch I made

Cones need to eat green food to survive and die when they eat poison. Each cone has a radius which they could see food and one for poison. They also have a strength for attracting and repelling from food and poison, and a maximum velocity. These parameters are initally randomized, and as the cones reproduce, they are optimized with a genetic algorithm.