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Michael Delmonaco

I am a software developer interested in programming languages, mathematics, physics, videogames, and rock climbing. I also make digital art based on characters from videogames and shows I like.

This is my personal website. Here, I have a variety of different kinds of projects I’ve worked on for fun over the years. Check out my repositories on GitHub if you want to see source code and even more projects!


This is my blog where I talk about cool concepts and projects I’ve worked on.

Programming Languages

These are some programming languages I’ve made and programming language-related projects I’ve worked on.

Machine Learning projects

These are some interesting things I’ve done with neural networks. The code is stored in its own repository, MachineLearning.

Game AIs

These are some AIs I’ve implemented to play games better than I can play them.


These are fragment shaders I made to display fractals and visualizations at a high detail and speed using the GPU.

julia set

Processing projects

This is a collection visualizations made using Processing. Since Processing is in Java, these can’t run in browser. I made some videos and screenshots of them running. These are stored in the quasarbright repository.

Many of these were based on videos by The Coding Train

JavaScript projects

This is a collection of JavaScript projects, mostly visualizations I made using p5.js. They can run in browser, so just click on a link and it’ll run. The code is stored in the quasarbright repository.

Many of these were based on videos by The Coding Train.

screenshot of wave equation


These are some games I made, mostly in the Unity game engine. They are all playable in the browser.

OCaml projects

This is a collection of projects I made in OCaml. OCaml is a statically typed, compiled, functional programming language. For me, its killer features are algebraic types, pattern matching, and type inference. I first learned about OCaml in a compilers course I’m taking and I instantly loved it. After using the visitor pattern for union types in Java for the 100th time, when I saw a union type defined in just a few lines in OCaml, I was very impressed. And pattern matching is such a beautiful way to break down structured data and algebraic types.

Haskell projects

This is a collection of projects I made in Haskell. Haskell is similar to OCaml, but is more high level and has built-in monad support, which is very nice. Haskell felt like the next step on my functional programming journey after OCaml. It’s a pleasure to write in, but I wish there was better tooling.

Interactive Math Visualization Tools

This is a collection of interactive math visualization tools that my classmate William Liu and I created for our senior project in High School

Where to learn stuff

This is a collection of places where I have learned things over the years. All of those resources are free and a good way to learn the topics listed.

Note: I stopped adding to this after high school.


This is my twitter page where I post minimalist vector art I make based on characters from video games and shows that I like